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Right from the beginning, our company stressed need for up-to-date machinery. Since 2006, we have bought 12 injection moulding machines meeting all requirements for injecting of technical parts using modern structural materials.


In 2010, we added a machine equipped with a robot to our machinery fleet.

This machine has clamping force of 250 tons and volume of material up to 1000 cm³. This step completed installation of new machines for the whole range of machines sized from 40 to 250-tons of clamping force.

In 2014, we increased our ratio of automation by purchasing a 3-axis manipulator to the 100-ton machine and raised the technological level by purchasing a 60-ton H- DRIVE hybride machine.

In 2016, the last two older 50-ton machines were replaced with new ones.

We are fully equipped with all common accessories to injection moulding machines. To mention just some of them, we have equipment to temper moulds using pressure water up to 150 °C to process highly thermo-resisting materials (such as PES and PEI).

  • Accessories for injection molding
  • TREZOR accessories for injection molding
  • Vileda accessories for injection molding

Machinery technical data

1Kraus MaffeiKM 50 CX370 x 37050074
2Arburg320C 500-170320 x 32050085
3Arburg320C 500-170320 x 32050085
4Arburg320C 500-250320 x 320500106
5Arburg370S 600-290370 x 370600106
6Arburg370H 600-290370 x 370600144
7Arburg420C 1000-290420 x 4201000106
8Arburg420C 1000-350420 x 4201000182
9Arburg470C 1500-400470 x 4701500201
10Arburg470C 1500-400470 x 4701500254
11Arburg570C 2000-800570 x 5702000392
12InveraIN-TEC 250 SP580 x 5802500929

Company Plastoma

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